CMK Group's Successful Venture In Kanhangad

Where are the limits of your dreams? It is beyond the sky. Hard work, sincerity and willingness to work round the clock is what makes a businessman. CMK ABDULLA has a history of 100% brilliant success in all the fields he has undertaken. It is a difficult task to reach from a village like Kanhangad in the field of tile marketing which was a monopoly of the North Indian Lobby. In 2016, CMK ABDULLA started thinking why not start a brand of his own in the tile sector.Thus, he started a brand called Toyoto in Kerala. The brand, which started from Kanhangad, is popular in almost half of the districts in Kerala.

CMK Abdulla's Journey In Revolutionizing The Tile Industry

At the age of 18, he worked as an assistant in his father's building material retail business, after that, CMK Abdulla became active in the field of marketing in the field of tile brand. Excellent quality and service are the hallmarks of CMK VITRIFIED TILES. From a brand called TOYOTO VITRIFIED, CMK VITRIFIED, EMAARA VITRIFIED,EUROZ VITRIFIED. And HAYATO WALL TILES have arrived because the customer has greeted him with open arms.


Company policy is to serve all customers and distributors.Another secret of CMK Abdulla s success is to accurately identify new trends and changes in the international market and bring them to his own brand."Ten Multi Color Technology" which completely beautifies the floor and wall was introduced by Toyoto for the first time in India.

This financial year, cmktiles aims to launch the five brands it has developed in Kerala and Karnataka.

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